Over 50 Skills Support for the Unemployed  

Over 50 Skills Support for Redundancy        

We can help you by recognising skills grown from experience

When we identify these skills as transferable, we ensure they become ‘saleable

FiftyON East Employability Skills and Enterprise Workshops for those aged over 50, given by FiftyON East, are now funded and available through the SFA co-financed project supported by the European Social Fund (ESF). These Workshops are given by Malcolm Smith who has an excellent knowledge of recruitment, delivery of training, mentoring and support into work or self-employment for the over 50s.

Under SSU you have Workshops either for Employability or Enterprise, given in a group environment and aimed at your individual needs. If you are aged over 50 you must notify your advisor that you wish to be part of a FiftyON East Workshop.

Designed to support people currently unemployed, Skills Support for the Unemployed provides individuals with the skills, confidence and motivation to find long term employment. A range of options are available including:

• One-to-one guidance and advice to formulate a tailored personal action plan

• Job search support including career advice, completing applications

forms and preparing your CV

• Job specific training

• Support throughout your participation in the programme to help you secure a positive future and become more confident in your own abilities

• An assigned Specialist Employment Adviser to help you find a new job

• Business start-up training and support, should you wish to enter


The Business Start-Up training covers topics such as:

Remember to notify your advisor that you wish to be part of a FiftyON East Workshop FiftyON East can be found at:



Tel 07780 668738

Eligibility criteria

To participate you must be unemployed, in receipt of state benefits, a UK resident who lives within the East of England (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex), and be aged 19 or over. You must be eligible for Agency and ESF funding under normal rules and require training to help you secure employment.


Skills Funding Agency

 This programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency.

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