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Older Workers Skills Workshops

  1. Transferable skills workshop utilises The Skills Assessment - developed by the Fair Play for Older Workers Project.
  2. Employability and Skills Training Workshop
  3. Self Employment Introduction 

    These Workshops were delivered under 

    Over 50 Skills Support for the Unemployed  SSU click on the file below

    Over 50 Skills Support for Redundancy        SSR click on the file below

    were funded and available through the SFA co-financed project supported by the European Social Fund (ESF). These Workshops were given by Malcolm Smith who has an excellent knowledge of recruitment, delivery of training, mentoring and support into work or self-employment for the over 50s.

 The Transferable Skills Workshop is intended to get delegates to assess not only their Transferable Skills but which of  those they can ‘sell’ – their Saleable Skills.

The workshop is given in a group environment but aimed at individuals in a one-to-one approach.


How can we help those who are unemployed Older Workers, have no focus to their career, they may have had a long time off work, they may have no real qualifications or experience.

ESFSkills Funding Agency

This programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency.

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They need even more TIME!


• Time to help them re-motivate themselves, and build their confidence to sell themselves in the job market.

• Time to assess their skills and experience in depth and determine a realistic career for them

• Time to gain experience and credibility that employers will buy – through work tasters or job placements

• Time to refocus their approach so that they know where they are going – and want to go there.

• Time to develop a CV and application forms that really sell them.

 Getting British Business

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19 Jun 2013, 11:23
Malcolm Smith,
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